The Top 18 Tokyo Restaurants For Foreigners

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Japan has a huge variety of unique dishes, styles of foods and types of restaurants on offer. The capital city of Tokyo does not disappoint in this aspect. 

Tokyo is home to some of the most creative, delicious and astonishing food in Japan, and even the world as a whole. Whether its sushi, yakitori, mochi, gyoza or A5 Wagyu Beef; you will not be disappointed at the majority of establishments in the city.

However, there is an issue that tourists face when deciding where and what to eat when staying in Tokyo. 

For Westerners, it is very difficult to try and learn the Japanese language. Even the alphabet is extremely difficult. This puts many people off going to smaller restaurants as they want the comfort of eating at the bigger ones targeted towards tourists. 

In this article, I aim to solve this issue for you.

What Makes A Restaurant In Tokyo Good For Tourists?

Before we get into the list of restaurants, we need to understand what it is exactly that makes a restaurant good for tourists.

The answer is fairly simple. Tourists want a restaurant with either an English menu or English speaking staff (both preferably), a train or metro station nearby for easy directions, high-quality food and maybe some Western food that is available on the menu if you aren’t too comfortable with trying foreign food yet. 

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I have researched hundreds of different restaurants through TripAdvisor and have put together this list of the 18 best restaurants in Tokyo for foreigners.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list…

1. Soba&Co, Kamiyacho

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Soba&Co Izakaya Yes Yes 5-Minute Walk $10-$35

This Izakaya style of establishment is probably one of the most famous options on this list. 

With being just a 10-minute walk from the Onarimon Subway Station, the restaurant is easy enough to get to despite not have a train station nearby that is part of the JR Yamanote Line. 

As you leave the station, you may even see Tokyo Tower to your left! It is only a 5 minute walk away after all…

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Despite the ease of travel, the food is very highly-rated by both tourists and locals. Soba&Co provide some of the best Soba noodles in Japan as a whole and some go as far to say, in the world. 

You may be thinking “That’s great, but it sounds expensive…”

You would be wrong! The food is actually very affordable considering the stature and reputation.

If you love Soba noodles and are looking to try a once-in-a-lifetime Soba experience, check out Soba&Co

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2. Mugi No Oto

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Mugi No Oto Izakaya Yes Yes 5-Minute Walk $10-$35

At the number two spot, we have another highly-rated Izakaya. In fact, it is rated as the number one place to eat in Kabukicho on TripAdvisor.

If you have ever been to Kabukicho or have done some research, then you will know that the area is full of more traditional restaurants and Izakaya.

So, to get the top spot is impressive to say the least.

The reason that Mugi No Oto is rated so highly, is due to the fact that it has such a wide variety of Izakaya style food which is cooked to perfection.

My personal recommendation is the seafood and sushi, as the chefs seem to get it absolutely spot on every single time. 

The restaurant itself has a welcoming and cosy atmosphere which is inviting to tourists and foreigners from all over the world. There is free wifi available so feel free to use this as you please. 

The downside to this establishment is that it can be very busy at times, meaning large queues at busy hours of the day. 

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However, they sell food as a takeout option if you wanted to take it back to your hotel. Although, I don’t recommend doing this as you miss out on the atmosphere and the unique vibes.

If you want to check out Mugi No Oto, then click here.

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3. Ichiran, Any Of Them!

This chain restaurant is absolutely huge in Tokyo, and even worldwide nowadays. 

With 20 restaurants in Tokyo alone, Ichiran’s status and fame in Japan is almost unmatched.

Ichiran provides a fast-food like ramen experience where you can order your dish exaclty how you want it…Via vending machine.

Yep. You order your food from a vending/ticket machine. 

The process consists of pressing the buttons for the options of spice, amount of garlic, type of meat and so on.

If this wasn’t strange enough for you, then the seating and dining experience might suffice.

You sit down in a private booth with a wooden serving hatch in front of you which raises when the staff give you your food. The hatch will then close again while you eat your food.

This experience was designed for people who are in a rush and need to get a bite to eat and want to eat within their own company without feeling judged. 

Ichiran has many establishments in Tokyo, all being almost identical to eachother.

You can check out Ichiran’s Shibuya chain here.

I strongly recommend visiting Ichiran at least once during your travels in Tokyo!

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4. Suke6 Diner

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Suke6 Diner American Diner/Cafe Yes Yes 2-Minute Walk $6-$29

Suke6 Diner is a Western-style cafe/diner which is a perfect option for anyone travelling in Tokyo with kids who miss food from home. 

Or for anyone who misses that Western taste for that matter.

With a huge range of different dishes available from English breakfast, waffles, cheeseburgers and more; this diner has a perfect blend of both American and English food.

Get over to Suke6 Diner if you are craving a brunch that is inspired from the food back home.

Located next to the Sumida River, this cafe is located in a perfect spot during the cherry blossom season. This is due to the large number of cherry blossom trees being located right outside which span across the length of the river. 

Not only does it look great on the outside, but it also has a modern but also unique interior. 

The diner is easy enough to get to, although it does not have a train station nearby that is part of the JR Yamanote Line. 

However, Asakusa metro is only a 2-minute walk away, so get yourself on the metro and you’ll be enjoying a Western brunch in no time.

Check out Suke6 Diner here.


Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
ROKU Shabu-Shabu No Yes 15-Minute Walk $21-$52

At fifth place on the list we have our first shabu-shabu restaurant

If you are unsure what shabu-shabu is, it is thin cuts of high quality meat that you boil yourself in a broth. The broth will taste exactly how you want because at ROKU, you get unlimited vegetables, mushroom and garnishes. 

The all-you-can-eat does not put a halt on quality though, as the meals still taste delicious and gourmet. 

Not only is there a large amount of vegetables and garnishes, but the meat selection is humongous also. 

From pork belly, beef, beef belly and the almighty A5-graded Wagyu beef. Note, the meats are not unlimited and the A5 Wagyu will cost you a bit extra (it is definitely worth it!).

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If shabu-shabu doesn’t do it for you, dim sum buns are available to order.

The high-quality food is one thing, but the views is another…

When dining at ROKU, you will be able to see a gorgeous view of the Rainbow Bridge. 

For this fact alone, I would strongly recommend going in the evening for dinner, to admire the lights of the bridge.

In terms of travel and getting to the restaurant, there are 4 train station nearby, all within a 15-minute walk away. 

Unfortunately, none of these stations are part of the JR Yamanote Line. But, it is still easy enough to get to if you feel comfortable branching off to a different train line.

Check out ROKU by clicking here.

6. Hibuta17

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Hibuta17 Korean – Pork Yes Yes 9-Minute Walk $10-$25

Hibuta17 means “Flying Pork 17” in English, so have a guess what they specialise in…

This establishment is a small Korean-inspired restaurant that sells various different pork dishes. From bibimbap to Jjigae pots; if you are a lover of pork, Hibuta17 is for you. 

There are English menus available, but the Japanese menu has pictures which you can point to if you don’t want to ask for them.

Another strong point of this restaurant is that they accept Visa and Mastercard in case you do not have cash on you. 

In terms of travel, it is just a few minutes walk from Asakusa station which is actually part of the JR Yamanote Line, making it extremely easy to get to. 

You can check out Hibuta17 here.

7. Sakuratei

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Sakuratei Okonomiyaki Yes Yes 14-Minute Walk $9-$22

This trendy restaurant has an extremely unique look inside of it. With strange art over all the walls, eating here is definitely an experience to say the least. 

Sakuratei serves okonomiyaki, teppanyaki and desserts which is highly rated by both locals and tourists. 

In fact, there is even an all-you-can-eat monjayaki course that you can choose if you are feeling extra hungry!

All dishes are fairly affordable and won’t break your wallet or bank.

With English menus and English-speaking staff, this restaurant is perfect for foreigners wanting to try famous rice bowls and okonomiyaki. 

The restaurant is only a 14-minute walk away from Harajuku which is part of the famous JR Yamanote Line.

You can check out Sakuratei by clicking here.

8. Ise Sueyoshi

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Ise Sueyoshi Kaiseki No Yes 10-Minute Walk $45-$112

Ise Sueyoshi is a Kaiseki restaurant located in Minato, Tokyo. 

A Kaieski course is traditional Japanese cuisine which usually consists of around 9 dishes. From sashimi, grilled meats, soups, rice courses and much more; Kaiseki is an amazing dining experience that you should try at least once when in Tokyo. 

In terms of the language barrier, unfortunately, there is no English menu currently. However, the staff do speak some English so they will help as much as possible. 

The benefit of a Kaiseki course is that you just ask for it and the dishes will be brought out to you, so little to no communication is needed really.

This restaurant is known to have small dishes that are beautiful in their looks and also their taste. 

The prices are slightly more on the expensive side, but most would argue the food is worth every penny. 

Also, in terms of travel, the closest station is Roppongi station which is a 10-minute walk. 

Unfortunately, this station is not a part of the JR Yamanote Line, but it is still a fairly easy journey if you are willing to use another train line.

Ise Sueyoshi is a great example of beautiful and traditional Japanese cuisine.

It is definitely worth checking out by clicking here.

9. Flower Wall Mone

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Flower Wall Mone Italian/Pasta & Desserts No Yes 5-Minute Walk $11-$28

This Italian restaurant located in Shinjuku is extremely recommended by tourists. 

This restaurant is incredibly unique and is probably the best restaurant for couples on this list.

This is due to the interior design being covered with flowers and similar decorations. 

They even take it as far to arrange and change the decorations for each season. So, expect pumpkins in October time. It’s definitely Insta worthy to say the least…

In terms of the food, Flower Wall Mone provides a great selection of Italian pasta dishes aswell as delicious desserts.

If you have a craving for some good old Italian food, this place will not let you down!

If you want to go for drinks, they have a large selection of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, soft drinks and coffee available. So if you’re not feeling too hungry and just want to enjoy the experience, this establishment caters for that.

There is not an English menu available but the staff do speak some pretty good English and are there to help as much as they can.

Arguably, one of the best things about this restaurant is just how easy it is to get to. Being located just a 5-minute walk from the Jr Yamanote station of Shinjuku, makes it a simple smooth and easy travelling journey. 

I strongly recommend visiting Flower Wall Mone if you are a couple, or just want some flowery Insta photos!

You can check out Flower Wall Mone here.

10. Maidreamin Akihabara

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Maidreamin Akihabara Japanese & Western-Style No Yes 6-Minute Walk $15-$30

At tenth place on this list we have our first maid cafe.

A maid cafe is a popular themed-cafe in Tokyo. It consists of a warm and inviting atmosphere where guests can expect entertainment, friendly chats and meals being served from ladies dressed in maid costumes.

It certainly isn’t for everyone and a lot of people may find the idea a bit odd.

However, most people who go do not regret their decision due to the fact the experience is so unique. 

This restaurant is certainly known for it’s entertainment, singing and chatter; not really for the food itself.

However, due to the experience being so unique, i just had to put it on this list. 

There is no English menu currently, but a lot of the maids do speak English, and with how friendly theta re, im certain they would love to help you choose!

The food is known to be quite expensive for what it is, but like i mentioned previously, you go to Maidreamin for the atmosphere and live shows.

The location of Akihabara makes this restaurant very easy to get to. Akihabara station is in fact part of the JR Yamanote Line and Maidreamin is only a short walk of 6-minutes away.

You can check out Maidreamin Akihabara here

11. Mo-Mo Paradise

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Mo-Mo Paradise Sukiyaki & Shabu-Shabu Yes Yes 5-Minute Walk $25-$50

Mo-Mo Paradise is a very popular restaurant in Tokyo, for tourists and locals. 

They specialise in high-quality Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu courses. 

This restaurant due to its popularity can be very busy and loud, but they have private rooms available if you want to enjoy a more quieter dining experience. This will cost extra though.

The meat on offer is different cuts of both pork and beef, there is no Wagyu beef provided though. So if you’re going to a shabu-shabu restaurant hoping to try Wagyu, this may not be the best option for you.

The chefs at Mo-Mo Paradise are experts in the preparation of both Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu, so whichever cooking method you choose to go for; it will be just as delicious as the other.

There is an English menu available and the majority of staff do speak some English, so you needn’t worry about that.

The atmosphere is cosy and welcoming to people from all over the world. 

Located in Kabukicho, this establishment is just a 5-minute walk from the famous Shinjuku station.

Check out Mo-Mo Paradise here.

12. Towers, The Ritz-Carlton

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Towers Japanese & Western-style Yes Yes 3-Minute Walk $50-$120

This restaurant is for those of you who are not afraid to spend a lot of money on good food. 

The Ritz is known worldwide for being an extremely high-end and luxury brand. 

And, this restaurant does not differentiate itself by any means.

Breakfast will cost you around $45, while a 4-course dinner would cost around $100. It is definitely pricey, but I think the dinner course has a lot more value compared to the breakfast. 

The food provided is a mix of traditional Japanese and modern Western-style food. 

The main benefit of eating at Towers, is the interior and views that the restaurant provides. 

With views of Tokyo tower and the city’s skyline, this restaurant has a certain sense of class that is almost unmatched anywhere else in Tokyo.

There is both English speaking staff and menus available, the majority of people going to this restaurants will in fact be high-class businessmen and tourists. 

(Just so you know what to expect…)

Towers is just a 3-minute walk from Roppongi station, which is not part of the JR Yamanote Line. 

Check out Towers, The Ritz-Carlton here.

13. Premium Sake Pub Gashue

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Premium Sake Pub Gashue Izakaya Yes Yes 7-Minute Walk $19-$34

Premium Sake Pub Gashue is a highly rated Izakaya, especially to the locals within the area of Taito in Tokyo.

As we previously looked at in this article, Izakaya are known to provide traditional Japanese dishes in a small pub/bar-type setting.

However, the difference with this establishment, is that they have so much Sake to offer.

In fact, they have so much that they do Sake tasting sessions where they give samples of the drinks and speak about them to the customers.

They even translate the speech into English for the tourists in the room!

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So, yes, there is English-speaking staff; additionally, there is also an English menu.

In terms of the food on offer, there is a humongous amount of dishes and they all vary. From octopus to beef organs, there is truly a lot on offer at this relatively small Izakaya.

Travel is easy, due to the Okachimachi station being only a 7-minute walk away. Also, this station is part of the famous JR Yamanote Line, so it is that extra bit easier for travel.

You can check out Premium Sake Pub Gashue here.

14. Sakura Cafe Jimbocho

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Sakura Cafe Jimbocho Mixture Yes Yes 2-Minute Walk $6-$15

This cafe is known for its menu which provides a huge range of both Japanese and Western-style food.

The food is high quality and is also very affordable considering.

The establishment has a warm and cosy feel to it along with a welcoming atmosphere.

There is a good mix of both tourists and locals who go to eat here, so you’ll be meeting a lot of different people. 

Sakura Cafe Jimbocho probably has one of the most welcoming atmospheres for tourists when it comes to cafes.

The downfall to this place is its benefits. Meaning that its popularity makes the queues very long in the busy hours of the day.

This establishment is only a 2-minute walk away from Jimbocho station.

You can check out Sakura Cafe Jimbocho here

  1. Sky Restaurant 634
Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price 
Sky Restaurant 634 High-end Food, Teppanyaki Yes Yes 1-Minute Walk $90-$220

Located at one of the highest points for a restaurant in Tokyo, we have Sky Restaurant 634.

This restaurant is located at around 345 metres above ground level within the Tokyo Skytree (the tallest building in Japan).

You may be assuming that with the restaurant being so high up, that it woud have a great view to accompany the dining experience…

You would be absolutely correct

In fact, it has the best views from a restaurant in all of Tokyo.

So, if you’re a sucker for a view while eating a great meal, Sky Restaurant 634 may be for you.

But, it is very expensive.

Dinner courses at this restaurant can reach as high as ¥30,000 (around $220USD).

It must be noted that this is a very high-end and valuable establishment, and this will cost you. 

Not only that, but to get to the restaurant itself you’ll need to get yourself a Tembo Deck entry pass for the Skytree as this is the level where the restaurant is located.

This entry pass will cost around ¥1800.

However, if you are still set on eating here, I strongly recommend going for lunch.

Not only is lunch cheaper, but on a clear day you may get to see Mt. Fuji in the distance…

Crazy right?

Travel is also made easy as there is a station directly below the Skytree itself, so there won’t be too much walking involved for this trip! This station is not part of the JR Yamanote Line though.

You can check out Sky Restaurant 634 here.

16. Sakeba

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price 
Sakeba Izakaya No Yes 2-Minute Walk $30-$55

Sakeba is an Izakaya located in Shibuya and it is very highly rated in the local area.

Much like Premium Sake Pub Gashue who were further up the list, this establishment has a great and large selection of different Sake which you can try.

However, in terms of the food, this is where Sakeba really shines. 

From 6-hour long stewed beef to delicious and tasty sea urchin, the menu has a lot of variety, without sacrificing quality. 

The staff are known to be extremely helpful and even go as far to recommend the certain Sake that would go best with your selected dish.

The atmosphere does not shy away from this attitude either, as it has a certain warm and cosy atmosphere that is welcoming to both locals and foreigners. 

Sakeba is only a 2-minute walk from Shibuya station, making it a very easy restaurant to get to. 

You can check out Sakeba here.

17. Kuriya

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Kuriya Izakaya Yes Yes 4-Minute Walk $15-$30

This Izakaya is a more traditional and older-fashioned establishment located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. 

There is a large variety of Izakaya style of food available, all of which is relatively affordable. 

With an English menu and staff that can speak English, there is a welcoming atmosphere throughout the restaurant that so many foreigners love. 

This restaurant is also known to be a lot more relaxed and chilled out compared to other restaurants in Kabukicho, making it a nice place to sit back, relax and enjoy some Sake and high-quality food. 

To prove how good this establishment really is, it is rated in the top 10 for restaurants in Kabukicho; a massive achievement to say the least.

Check out Kuriya here.

18. Niku No Tajima

Main Dish/Speciality English Menu? English-Speaking Staff? Distance From Nearest Train Station Average Price Range 
Niku No Tajima Sukiyaki & Shabu-shabu No Partly… 14-Minute Walk $20-$38

The last restaurant on our list is not only a restaurant…

Niku No Tajima is also a famous and highly rated meat and barbecue market located in Koto, which is near central Tokyo.

When going to the restaurant itself, you can expect exquisite Yakiniku, Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki dishes with fresh wagyu beef and other cuts of meat.

This restaurant provides some of the freshest ingredients for only a fraction of what other similar high-end restaurants will charge.

If you want a true Yakiniku dining experience that is unforgettable, you will definitely want to check this place out. 

Unfortunately, no JR Yamanote Line station is nearby.

Kikukawa station is the nearest station to Niku No Tajima, being a 14-minute walk.

There is no English menu, and despite the staff trying their best to help, they do not really speak English. 

However, this should not sway you away from eating ehre, I strongly recommend checking this place out.


You can find more info on Niku No Tajima here.


There are many restaurants in and around Tokyo that are amazing for tourists. The Japanese people are always welcoming and do their best to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

There is a certain kind of level of quality when it comes to Japanese restaurants and the food served within them. The chefs in this country dedicate themselves for years on a single dish sometimes, to make sure they are the best at what they do. 

Many Japanese restaurants for foreigners are going to exceed your expectations, there’s no doubt about it!

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