What Is Inside Tokyo Tower? A Deep Look Inside…

what is inside tokyo tower

Tokyo Tower stands as one of the city’s most (if not, THE most) iconic structures. Originally built in 1958 for the purpose of being a communications tower, the tower today brings in a staggering estimated number of 4 million visitors per year. Whoever decided to turn the tower into an accessible tourist attraction definitely made the right decision!

Tokyo Tower stands at a jaw-dropping 333 metres, making it the largest self-supporting tower in the world. However, does this height account for many things being included inside the tower itself, or does it just provide for good views?

So, what is inside the Tokyo Tower? From a cafe, a club with live Jazz music, a skywalk window, the city’s highest located shrine and mesmerising LED lights. There is more than enough to do inside Tokyo Tower. While the majority of things to do at Tokyo Tower are on the bottom floor, the observation decks still have plenty included inside them.

Tokyo Tower is much more than just a structure with good views. It is a full-on tourist attraction with plenty to do and see. However, there is much more inside Tokyo Tower than what I have already mentioned. In this article, we are going to have a deep look inside the tower and learn about everything it has to offer!

What Is Inside Tokyo Tower?

Tokyo Tower is the city’s second-largest structure after the Tokyo Skytree, meaning it is very tall and provides amazing views of the city. 

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But, for some people, views of the city just aren’t enough. This is more than understandable, especially as both the observation decks have separate entry fees. I will attach the prices down below (provided by tokyotower,co.jp), so that you know how much you can expect to dish out.

Main Deck Top Deck
Adults (19+) ¥1200 Online: ¥2800At Counter: ¥3000
Older teens (16-18) ¥1000 Online: ¥2600At Counter: ¥2800
Older Children/Younger Teens (7-15) ¥700 Online: ¥1800At Counter: ¥2000
Children (4-6) ¥500 Online: ¥1200At Counter: ¥1400

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s carry on with taking a look at what is on offer inside the tower. 

Tokyo Tower has 3 main floors that its visitors can go to; Floor Town, the Main Deck and the Top Deck. Let’s take a look at what you can do on each floor.

What Is Inside Of Foot Town At Tokyo Tower?

Foot Town stands at the base of Tokyo Tower. It is a 4-story building which arguably, provides the most attraction for tourists; apart from the views of the observation decks of course. This is due to the sheer amount of things to see, do and buy within Foot Town. 

Let’s break it down floor-by-floor.

First Floor

Despite only being the first floor of Foot Town there is plenty of things on offer. As you first walk in, there is the welcome lounge that provides many museum-like displays and videos which show and teach the visitors about the history of the tower. 

Once you pass the welcome lounge on the first floor, you will enter the main hall. This is where you will find plenty of things to do. There is a restaurant called RED Shokudo, providing classic Japanese meals both on a set meal and a la carte menu. If you are in the mood for something a bit sweeter, you can check out Marion Crepes to cure your sweet tooth.

Putting food aside, there are also activities for the kids to participate in while you are still on the first floor. These activities consist of both a playground and a VR boat race experience. So, rest assured that if you have kids with you, they will not go to Tokyo Tower without being entertained. 

On the first floor, you can also purchase your tickets for both the main and top deck of Tokyo Tower. There is also an elevator for those of you who do not wish to take the stairs for the remainder of your tower experience.

Second Floor

The second floor of Foot Town is primarily based for shopping and eating. With just short of 10 food stalls and cafe’s being available on this floor, you can be sure that whatever food you are craving, is available on your trip to Tokyo Tower.

For those of you shopping addicts, there are plenty of shops available on the second floor selling merchandise, toys, tech and even jewellery.

Third Floor

The third floor of Foot Town at Tokyo Tower serves as the official merchandise floor of the tower itself. While on this floor you can expect to buy things such as photos taken on the observation decks, an official merch store and the Tower Gallery

Also available on the third floor, is yet another cafe (yep, you wont go hungry at Tokyo Tower) and Komori Sports Massage. Who knows, if you choose to take the steps up to the observation decks, you may feel like getting a massage on your way back down!

Fourth Floor

On the fourth floor is a variety of different video games provided by RED Tokyo Tower, a brand added to Tokyo Tower in 2022 to spread awareness and interest of E-Sports in Tokyo. There is a wide selection of games to choose from, basically making the fourth floor a huge arcade!

Some of the video games/experiences available:

  • Jumprope Running
  • Bug Hunter
  • Sports Golf
  • Sports Baseball
  • Escape Action
  • Friends Pang

For the full list of video games that are available on the fourth floor of Foot Town in Tokyo Tower, click here.

Once you have had enough of Floor Town, it is time to move to the roof (above the fourth floor), where you can start making your way to the main deck via stairs or an elevator! 

It is required to pay the entry fee for the Main Deck to progress further up the tower from this point

What Is Inside The Main Deck Of Tokyo Tower?

The main observation deck of Tokyo Tower stands at around 150m above ground level (Source). This is the first point of contact visitors will get in which they can start to appreciate the Tokyo Tower for what it really is, the tallest self-supporting tower on the entire planet.  

The main deck is split into two floors, both of which have a fair amount of things to do. Let’s kick things off with the first floor.

The first floor of the main deck of Tokyo tower includes… You guessed it, another cafe! However, this one can be noted as an exception because let’s be honest, when else can you enjoy a nice hot coffee at 150m in the air

If you have really had enough of the cafes located at Tokyo Tower though, rest assured. Club 333 is a live music bar/club that provides an amazing experience. Listen to Jazz or watch a comedy event with a view like no other. 

For you thrill seekers, if you find cafes or clubs with live events slightly boring, perhaps you should consider the skywalk window. The skywalk window is a piece of glass on the floor where you can literally look down all the way to street level. Safe to say, I passed on this one.

The second floor of the main deck in Tokyo Tower also has a few things to offer for its tourists. One of the most unique things Tokyo Tower has to offer is located right here on the second floor of the main deck, and that is ‘Tower Daijingu’. This is the city’s highest-standing shrine. It’s not very often you find a shrine at 150 metres in the air…

Exploring further in the second floor you can expect to see an official Tokyo Tower shop called ‘The Sky’ and of course, the Top Deck entrance.

It is required to pay the entry fee for the Top Deck to progress further up the tower from this point

What Is Inside The Top Deck Of The Tokyo Tower?

Standing at an astounding 250m above street level, you can find the Top Deck of Tokyo Tower. In all honesty, the Top Deck is the most lacklustre floor in the whole tower, but for good reason. This is simply due to the lack of space on the floor as it is very close to the top of the tower. 

Also, the top deck is primarily focused on letting the visitors be amazed by the beauty of the views of the city. 

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There is a huge geometric mirror structure within the middle of the deck, which along with the ambient LED lighting, really adds to the experience. Witnessing the view from the top deck of Tokyo Tower in person really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is nothing else like it.


Tokyo Tower has many things to see, things to buy and things to do within it. The company behind transforming Tokyo Tower into a true tourist attraction has done an amazing job. 
This is due to the fact that there is simply so much to do, that visiting the tower can now be classed as a trip needing a minimum of 2 hours to see everything, even longer if you have kids who want to participate in activities!

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