Can You See Mt Fuji From Tokyo Tower? How To Get The Best View

can you see mt fuji from tokyo tower

Standing as arguably two of the most renowned sightseeing attractions in all of Japan, Tokyo Tower and Mt Fuji brings in millions of visitors each and every year. However, not everyone wants to take in the beauty of Mt Fuji by climbing & hiking to the summit. And, let’s be honest, who can blame you? But, worry not as there may be a different approach you can take that is just as beneficial to your visual senses. What if there was a way to take in the beauty of Mt Fuji, and the bold architectural structure of Tokyo Tower, at the same exact time? 

So, can you see Mt Fuji from Tokyo Tower? Mt Fuji is viewable from Tokyo Tower by looking in the South-West direction of the city. Due to Tokyo’s lack of large skyscrapers, there aren’t really any buildings obstructing the view of the mountain. However, on a cloudy or misty day the view can be affected, so going on a clear sunny day is recommended. 

Now that we know Mt Fuji is viewable from Tokyo Tower, we need to decide whether it’s actually worth going to, if that is what you want to get out of your experience. There are a few other things to take into consideration before deciding if you should go to the tower to see Mt Fuji or not. I did some extensive research to find out if there are any tips to make the view better, or if there are any viewpoints that you should just visit instead ultimately.

How You Can See Mt Fuji From Tokyo Tower?

Tokyo Tower is famous across the world for its Eiffel Tower inspiration & style. The red and white colouring gives it that true original Japanese style, and it is a hit with tourists visiting the city. 

With the structure standing at around 330m, it is Tokyo’s second tallest structure after the Tokyo Skytree. However, the observation deck only stands at around 250m, so those of you who are scared of heights, that should chill you out just a little bit!

As mentioned before, Tokyo is not like many other cities; as it does not have many buildings that are majorly tall. Apart from Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree, most buildings are kept to a smaller size due to the country’s earthquake issues

And, as you can imagine, this provides for an amazing unobstructed view from the Tokyo Tower!

But, how good is the view of Mt Fuji, and how can you ensure that you get the best possible sight of the natural wonder? It’s all pretty simple really. The only major thing stopping you from seeing Mt Fuji from the Tokyo Tower is the weather and mother nature herself! 

Clouds and fog can greatly decrease the view of the mountain, sometimes even making it impossible to see at all. The only real solution for this is to keep checking the weather and making sure you visit on a day that is sunny and clear!

Does Tokyo Tower Provide The Best View Of Mt Fuji?

If your primary focus when you visit Japan is to see beautiful views of the country’s tallest mountain, then you’ll be wondering if Tokyo Tower is the best place to get this. The answer is, probably not. However, this does not mean to say that the view isn’t good. In fact, it is probably still in the top 5 list for best places to see Fuji from Tokyo itself.  

This just means that there are slightly better views from the city. If Tokyo Tower itself interests you as well, then by no chance will you be disappointed. But, if you want the greatest view of them all from Japan’s capital, you may want to consider these options…

Mount Takao

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What better way to see a Fuji…from another mountain! Mount Takao is the closest mountain to Tokyo and lies just on the western side of the city. Being 599m high, this natural viewpoint provides great scenes of not only Mt Fuji, but the glorious city that is Tokyo

It is crazy to think that such a beautiful piece of nature could be so close to the neon metropolis that has millions of people living within it. Mount Takao is fairly easy to get to and is also relatively cheap. In my opinion, this is the best view of Mt Fuji that you can get within Tokyo! 

Tokyo Skytree

The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in the world. It is also the tallest man-made structure in all of Japan. You can expect a fairly similar view from this structure as to the Tokyo Tower. However, the highest observation deck on the Skytree is 450m above ground, meaning you are higher than the whole Tokyo Tower itself!

This one is not for the faint hearted or those that are scared of heights. Unless you plan on going to Dubai and going to the Burj Khalifa, this will be the highest you will ever be from ground level with the exception of air travel.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation

A bit of a mouthful, I know. But, the views of Fuji that you can get from this observation deck standing at 202m above ground is impeccable. The best part about this viewpoint of the mountain is that it’s completely free. This therefore providing you with one of the best views of Fuji without costing you a single penny. 

So, Is Tokyo Tower Worth Visiting If You Want To See Mt Fuji?

In my opinion, if you want to see Mt Fuji from Tokyo Tower, as long as you go on a day that is clear and sunny, you will not be let down. Despite there being many other places with better views of the mountain, there is just something special about Tokyo Tower.

The red and white structure truly is unique to Tokyo, even if it is inspired highly by the Eiffel Tower. The contrast in colour compared to the rest of the city is simply stunning. Therefore, I highly recommend visiting.

If it is just Mt Fuji you are interested in seeing though, however, you would be much better off going to one of the other locations listed in this article!

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